‘Delhi cops against Sikhs in 1984’

Cobrapost recorded the conversations of Shoorveer Singh Tyagi, the then Station House Officer (SHO) Kalyanpuri, Rohtas Singh, SHO Delhi Cantonment, SN Bhaskar SHO Krishna Nagar, OP Yadav, SHO Srinivaspuri, and Jaipal Singh SHO Mehrauli.

The news portal claimed that SC Tandon - the then chief of police - conveniently parried all questions while Gautam Kaul, then ACP, straightaway rejected the idea that he had any first-hand knowledge of rioting. Cobrapost said confessions of these officials revealed that while warnings about communal sentiments against Sikhs went unheard by senior officers, only two per cent of the messages of news of arson and rioting which bombarded the police control rooms, were recorded. It also claimed that police logbooks were ‘conveniently’ changed to eliminate evidence of inaction on the part of senior officers while some other officers did not act for fear of punishment being transferred. Some police officers dumped bodies of victims somewhere else to minimise riot-related crimes and messages were broadcast directing police to not take action
against rioters.

‘The government of the day did not allow the police to act while creating an impression that the police were not performing their duty,’ alleged Cobrapost. ‘While most of them candidly admitting to their failure as a force, some of them confessed that the top brass of the police force colluded with the government of the day to teach Sikhs a lesson,’ stated the newsportal.
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