Delhi boy Ayushman comes home

In brown shirt, navy blue cardigan, a pair of sneakers and blue denims, Ayushman Khurana looks as fresh-faced as he did in Vicky Donor. He’s in Delhi to unveil Ambika Pillai’s flagship salon and we couldn’t help ask him a few questions after he sings the trademark Paani da.

‘In my upcoming movie, I play a theatre artiste, who is in a dilemma playing Ravan on stage, as he is like Ram.’

The 28-year-old actor adds: ‘The story is based on a French play, where the character imbibes and emulates the role of someone completely opposite to his nature.The challenge here was to play two completely opposite characters and their transition.’

About his upcoming movie Nautanki Sala, Ayushman also says, ‘I have sung two Punjabi songs for the film. Singing is indispensable.’ We ask if he has to choose between acting and singing, what would he go for.  

‘Of course, acting will be my first choice.’ And hastily adds that in college, he used to do a lot of theatre and sang at the same time. ‘Singing just happened, it was not something I decided.’ ‘I used to do some theatre work earlier so acting is my priority, singing is something that came along.’

In Mumbai more often now, Ayushman remains a Delhi boy at heart.  ‘For me, Mumbai is where I got my job. Delhi is home to me,’ he says. ‘What I love about Delhi is the food, the order, the punjabi culture, its architecture, the style and fashion, but one negative thing about Delhi is at times people can be a little shallow. ‘People see you by the way you drive your car and all that.' About his debut film Vicky Donor, he says: 'At 19, during Roadies, I had actually donated sperms and it is as noble a cause as donating blood.' 
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