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Dehradun losing its peaceful & calm city tag

Once considered to be peaceful and calm city, now Dehradun is losing its old charm. Jiyanand, ex-principal of DAV(PG) college who is living in this city since 1950s, said that there were several mango and litchi orchards in the city. The air was fresh, and people used to mingle whole-heartedly. Children used to play in the playgrounds in the evenings and older generations used to watch them.’

‘When we ponder about our old golden days, its look like a dream,’ he added.

ND Gaur, a retired ONGC officer, feels nostalgic when he goes deep in his memory lane. The news of robbery and murder was happened once in a blue moon. Social gathering was a forte of the society, and during festivals, cultural activity was a regular feature in our locality.’

Anil Kala, a businessman by profession and nature lover by passion, feels that Dehradun city is fastly losing its pristine charm. Many birds like sparrow, parrot, monal, vulture has become a thing of past. In the summer, few stars can be noticed on the clear night, which means air pollution level has increased.’
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