‘Defeating Modi from Varanasi main target now’

Firing a fresh salvo at Narendra Modi, AAP national convener Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday said his decision to enter the electoral fray from Varanasi was not a ‘symbolic gesture’ but to defeat the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate. ‘Narendra Modi has announced that he will contest from Varanasi. So even I am going to Varanasi. We will ask people there on whether I should contest against Modi. If they say yes then I am ready to contest’, he said.

‘I read in newspapers and websites and that this is a symbolic fight. I must tell you that we are going there not to contest elections, but to defeat Modi,’ Kejriwal said. He was speaking at a conference ‘Roadmap to Indian Muslims’, which was attended by AAP leaders like Prashant Bhushan and Gopal Rai. Kejriwal invited the crowd, mostly AAP supporters from the minority community, to join him in Varanasi.

As he announced that he was going to defeat Modi, the crowd roared, ‘Abhi to Sheila hari hain, Modi teri bari hain (Sheila has been defeated. Now it is Modi’s time)  He said all parties indulged in corrupt practises and communal politics and this was led by the BJP and the Congress. ‘All parties are the same. They indulge in corruption and communal politics, but leaders of all these parties are Congress and the BJP. It is important to defeat these parties...not on the basis of numbers, but by defeating their leaders,’ Kejriwal said.
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