Deepika skipped dinner for bikini bod

Director Homi Adajania says Imran Khan was his first choice for romantic comedy Cocktail, which has Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and model Diana Penty.

‘Saif was not the first choice. Imran was supposed to do it but he was not sure if he wanted to do it at that point of a time,’ Adajania said.

‘As Saif is the producer, he was going through the scripts, he read it and loved it. So, it worked out pretty well and that is how he came on board,’ he said.

Meanwhile, Deepika, who would be seen flaunting a bikini in the movie, feels that Indian body type is not naturally suited for the costume. ‘I wish it was so easy and natural. I think the Indian body type is somehow not suited for a bikini. We as Indians have to work a little extra hard if we wish to carry it off,’ the 26-year-old said.

Talking about her regime for the bikini shot, she said: ‘I changed my workout slightly. Basically, I just had to sacrifice going out for dinners every time Dino [producer Dinesh Vijan] took the cast out for dinners. I would just sit in my room alone and ate steamed fish and not have any dessert.’

‘I remember being so disciplined that the day I finished the bikini shoot I knew I could start eating normally. [Vijan] took me out for dinner and I had this big chocolate dessert,’ said Deepika.

Adajania debuted as a director with dark film Being Cyrus which had saif Ali Khan in the lead. 
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