Day after 26/11 anniversary, Hafiz Saeed warns India again!

The JuD is a militant organisation but has open presence on the streets of Pakistan. Its chief Hafiz Saeed, also the founder of Lashkar-e-Toiba, is wanted by India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA). He has a red corner notice issued against him for his involvement in the Mumbai terror attack.

A day after the fifth anniversary of 26/11, Saeed blamed India for the recent blasts and bloodshed in Afghanistan. He said his men have detailed information about Indians working in Pakistan and Afghanistan as spies. ‘It’s our land and they should not interfere in our internal and family matter. We condemn this,’ he said.

Saeed said his organisation does social welfare, but he wants stern action against these spies, some of whom, he claims are now lodged in various Pakistani jails. ‘They are entering Pakistan from Bangladesh. Some were hired locally,’ he said.

‘We had a conference on “Defence of Islam and Pakistan’s Stability” at the Jamia-al-Dirasat Islamia seminary in Karachi where we warned India against attacking Pakistan. We also want custody of those involved in the 2007 Samjhauta Express train bombing. Out of 68 people killed in the blast, most were Pakistanis.’

On Kashmir, Saeed said, ‘It is an integral part of Pakistan and we will continue to press our demands to liberate Kashmir.’ While rubbishing the claim that he was involved in the 26/11 attacks, Saeed said: ‘I would like to ask who is Satish Anand Shukla.’ In 2008, Pakistan claimed they have arrested an Indian spy named Satish Anand Shukla. Nothing more was revealed by the Pakistani government subsequently.

The 26/11 attacks that shook India and went to be known as the subcontinent’s 9/11 moment was one of the most well-coordinated terror strikes in the country that was planned by Saeed. But the man continues to distance himself from the charges and says he works for rights of Muslims across the world.
However, the Indian agency has already submitted evidence that substantiates Saeed’s involvement.

The Indian government has also submitted a dossier containing DNA evidence, photographs and items recovered from the 26/11 attackers to the Pakistani government to piece together a detailed portrait of the Mumbai plot that was planned in Pakistan.

Not the least, the LeT operative David Headly and co-accused Tahawwur Rana during a hearing before a Chicago federal court said that Mumbai Chabad House was added to the list of probable targets for surveillance by his ISI handler Major Iqbal, though the Oberoi Hotel, one of the sites attacked, was not originally on the list. Both of them were sent to federal prison for 14 and 35 years respectively in January 2013.

Ironically, despite repeated reminders and evidence against Saeed, the man is still roaming free in Pakistan. In September this year, he came out to attend a mass rally in Islamabad where he thundered against India and blamed it for collaborating with US in destabilising Pakistan.
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