Dancing in ABCD 2 was the ultimate thrill: Shraddha

 “Till now I have danced just in front of the mirror in my room, in the bathroom, annual functions in school, at weddings and parties. This is for the first time I am dancing, that too different forms of dance,” she gushed at a movie promo in Chandigarh. “Is that really Shraddha, is she really dancing?<g data-gr-id="40">’</g> I am sure many people are reacting to my dancing that way,” she affirmed.

Varun Dhawan arrived moments later sporting a mischievous grin and joined the media briefing. Both actors shared their experiences of the shoot, and how they toiled for three to four hours daily perfecting their dance steps.

“Together we will surely make everybody sway to our tunes,” they said.

  Shraddha shared how it was a challenge to dance in sync with Varun- a gifted dancer, whereas Varun admitted he had to put in extra effort to master contemporary and aerial acrobatics.

“We have done almost 18-20 dance forms in the film, from house, crumping etc. but the aerial acts were truly daunting,” Varun said and added, “It wasn’t just the dance schedule that was tough, but we had a strict diet to follow and other things as well.  Our director wanted us to look like dancers, which demanded a particular kind of physique, we had to adhere to a diet.”

Returning to the film, ABCD 2 is based on a fictitious dance group (winner of India’s Got Talent season 3) based in <g data-gr-id="43">Nalasupara</g>, which makes it to the World Hip Hop Championship in Las Vegas,USA. 

 The film also depicts real incidents as they also show the group’s journey. “The touching love story that we share in the film is taken from Remo sir’s life, how he proposed to his wife and how she reacted to his proposal. Also, the tattoos that we sport in the film are the ones that Remo sir and his wife have,” Varun added.

While Shraddha stated, “To give the real effect Remo sir insisted on long shots. He wouldn’t say the word ‘cut’, and we were asked to dance till he said cut.” Before signing off both hummed a few verses, while Varun rapped Happy Birthday, Shraddha sang a portion of Sun Sathiya. 

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