Dalai Lama sad over 2011 UK riots

A 'shocked' Dalai Lama has written to Prime Minister David Cameron and expressed sadness over the massive riots in London and other towns across Britain last year.

'I have the idea of Englishmen as mature, sensible, law-abiding people, If (riots) happen in England, it is a shock,' 76-year-old Dalai Lama said while receiving the the prestigious 1.1 million pound Templeton Prize at the St Paul's Cathedral here.

'I sent a letter to the prime minister in which I expressed sadness and urged to him to think about the causes of the riots,' he added.

The root cause for the riots, according to him was that the young were being 'brought up to believe that life was just easy. Life is not easy. If you take for granted that life will be easy, then anger develops, frustration, and riots.'

Asked about the Occupy protest outside St Paul's, he said: 'If their reasons  and  motivations are sincere, then I will join with them.'
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