Dads get baby bumps too: study

Weight gain by new mothers is well documented but just ahead of Father's Day a new research in the UK has claimed that dads put on around ten kgs after having a child.

Little consideration has been given on weight gain by new fathers, perhaps for obvious reasons. However, the research found that British men put on an average of nearly ten kilogrammes after having a child. Lack of time to exercise, increased consumption of take away meals and sleepless nights are said to be to blame as pressures mount on the 'modern dad'.

The study found that 40 per cent of new fathers are unable to pull their weight in the family home because they are so exhausted, the
Daily Telegraph

One in ten has to 'gear himself up' to rejoin hectic family life at the end of the working day and one quarter admit having to sneak in naps during week days in order to cope. A fifth have fallen asleep while reading to their children. Paul Keenan of Benenden Healthcare, which carried out the study in conjunction with the Men's Health Forum, said the modern lifestyle was having an impact on fatherhood.

'As we approach Father's Day, we discover that the modern dad's health is suffering under the strain from diverging pressures such as work and family life,' he said.

'As a result, dads are taking shortcuts with their diets, leading to increased weight.'
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