Cyber security initiatives for developing nations

As the proliferation of ICT across the globe increases the associated concerns on cyber security also is growing. As a follow up to and refinement of the announcement of Dr. Vivek Lall’s participation in activities associated with Broadband and Cyber Security issues and as a correction of the articles published on Friday, January 31 in the Hindustan Times and subsequent article in the Financial Express on Monday, February 10, Dr. Lall will not be directly advising the United Nations, or working with or advising the President of the UN General Assembly, John Ashe and will not be implementing any policies in these or any other areas.

Dr. Lall will be working with groups affiliated with the United Nations to advise on bringing global attention to the importance of Broadband services in developing countries around the world and the cyber security challenges associated with achieving those objectives. His operational involvement will include the introduction of new initiatives as well as providing advisory support to a number of existing Broadband and South-South programs."
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