Crorepatis by plenty in MP

The data released by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) after analysing 683 candidates revealed that there are 350 millionaire contestants in the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections. The state election is scheduled to be held on 25 November.

After analysing the assets of candidates of the three major political parties, Bharatiya Janata Party, Congress and Bahujan Samaj Party, the ADR data states that the average asset per candidate of the three major parties has rose to Rs 3.38 crore  from Rs 1.07 crore.The average asset per candidate for the BJP (229 candidates) is Rs 4.04 crore, for 228 Congress contestant the average is Rs 5.33 crore and the average asset of 226 candidates of BSP is Rs 76.62 lakh. The average asset per candidate for the BJP, Congress and BSP in 2008 assembly elections was Rs 1.05 crore, Rs 1.59 crore and Rs 57.29 lakh, respectively.

The top three candidates with huge declared assets are Sanjay Pathak of Congress from Vijayraghavgarh constituency with assets worth Rs121.32 crore followed by Chetan Kashyap of BJP from Ratlam City seat with assets worth Rs 120.29 crore and Satyanarayan Patel of Congress from Depalpur constituency with assets worth Rs 70.96 crore.

Sanjay Pathak of Congress from Vijayraghavgarh constituency stands at the top in the category of highest liability. He has declared liabilities worth Rs 48.70 crore followed by Surendra Patawa of BJP from Bhojpur constituency with liabilities worth Rs 34.49 crore and Mohan Yadav of BJP from Ujjain South constituency with liabilities worth Rs 5.11 crore.

There are some 143 (21 per cent) out of 683 scanned candidates contesting in the state assembly polls who have not declared their PAN details.

In the highest income group, again Sanjay Pathak of Congress from Vijayraghavgarh seat is at the top with the income of Rs 8.94 crore in the last ITR filed for the year 2012-13 followed by Sanjay Sharma of BJP from Tendukheda constituency with total income of Rs 3.44 crore. Alok Chaturvedi of Congress from Chhatarpur with an income of Rs 1.73 crore for the financial year 2012-13 is at the third position in the list.

After the money power, let’s talk about muscle power. The analysis by the think tank also revealed that nearly one-fourth of the contestants in the Madhya Pradesh assembly polls have criminal backgrounds.

The ADR and Madhya Pradesh Election Watch (MPEW) has analysed 1,045 out of 2,583 main candidates. Among the three major parties, the think tank analysed 683 out of 686 contesting candidates.

The report shows out of the 1,045 candidates analysed, 243 candidates or 23 per cent have declared criminal cases against them.

Out of the 243 candidates who have declared criminal cases, 143 have outed serious criminal cases like murder, attempt-to-murder, kidnapping, criminal intimidation and crime against women.

A total of 91 of 228 (40 per cent) candidates fielded by Congress have declared criminal cases against them, while 61 out of 229 (27 per cent) candidates from BJP and 54 out of 226 (24 per cent) candidates from BSP have outed criminal cases in their affidavits.

The report adds that at least seven candidates have declared charges of crime against women.
Of these seven candidates, four have charges related to the husband or relative of husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty and three candidates have declared cases related to outraging a woman’s modesty.
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