‘Corruption major stumbling block in progress’

The President said while there has been no let up in the fight against corruption, it has to be acknowledged that only a limited success has been achieved in this regard.

‘Corruption remains a major stumbling block in the progress of our nation,’ he said inaugurating a seminar organised on the occasion of golden jubilee celebrations of Central Vigilance Commission
Mukherjee said corruption has increased transaction costs, reduced efficiency of public services, distorted decision making processes and undermined the moral fibre of the society.

‘Corruption has reinforced inequities and limited access to public services by the common man, especially the poor,’ he said.

Asking the CVC to lead the way in cleansing the government and contribute to reversing the cynicism of public towards government functionaries, the President said he was confident the CVC will continue to function as a strong and an effective body, making useful contribution to enhancing probity in governance and checking corruption as well as mal-administration.
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