‘Corrupt officials to regain position after punishment’

The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has issued a gazette notification on ‘Fundamental (Amendment) Rules, 2013’ in which all authorities have been asked to define period of punishment– reduction to a lower service, grade or post or to a lower scale – for which these provisions shall be effective.

The rules mandate such authority to specify ‘whether, on restoration, the period of reduction shall operate to postpone future increments and, if so, to what extent’, according to the gazette notification dated 27 October.

‘The government servant shall regain his original seniority in the higher service, grade or post on his restoration to the service, grade or post from which he was reduced,’ it said.

Departmental disciplinary authorities, law and enforcement agencies, anti-corruption watchdog Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) and Central Information Commission (CIC) recommends action against a delinquent government employees.

The punishment by a disciplinary authority to a government official through major and minor penalties may include reduction in service, grade, pay and even suspension.

‘The purpose behind issuing such a directive is to clarify on the time period of punishment. We had received many representation in this regard. The directive will bring clarity,’ a senior DoPT official said.
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