Cops helped Vikas Yadav

Two policemen allegedly colluded with Vikas Yadav, who is involved in the murder cases of Jessica Lal and Nitish Katara, to allow him to go out of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), where he was admitted in custody, a Delhi Police inquiry found on Tuesday.

According to the report, the head constable Ishwar Singh and the constable Ramesh remained in collusion with the under trial prisoner in their custody and facilitated Yadav's travel out of the hospital where he was admitted.

A controversy had broken out after records at AIIMS showed that Yadav was missing from his hospital room on Diwali night in October last year. He was admitted in the hospital for treatment.

According to the statements given to police, AIIMS doctors and nurses have claimed that Yadav was missing from his room in the hospital from 12:45 am on 27 October and returned around 6 am along with the policemen.

This is 'not expected' from policemen on duty and 'every policeman has to keep dog eyes over such matter but both of them completely failed to perform their duty with utmost care and promptness which is certainly unbecoming of a police officer', the police report said. 'Both the head constable and the constable cannot shirk their responsibility over the entire episode,' it said.

During the inquiry, a senior police official said, the call record details of the policemen were examined. 'The CDR of the constable Ramesh shows his movement out of his designated place of duty, which arouses suspicion,' the report said.

The policemen, however, had denied the charges and told their superiors that they had never allowed anybody to meet Yadav or allowed him to visit outside his room.
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