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Congress using Modi’s name for political gains: Jamiat chief

Speaking at a conference on the demand for reservation for Muslims at Jaipur’s Birla Auditorium on Sunday, Syed Mehmood Madani had said there was no need for Muslims to unnecessarily fear Modi.

‘The Muslim community should not be scared. Secularism is deep-rooted in the country and communal forces can never win over the hearts of general public,’ Madani, a former Rajya Sabha MP, was quoted as saying. Asking his community members not to be scared of the hardline BJP leader, Madani also warned the Congress of backlash from Muslims in the upcoming Assembly elections in five states.

‘Congress should not try to get Muslim votes by creating fear about somebody. The party should look at possibilities of community welfare which they have not done so far,’ he said.

The Jamiat leader criticised Congress, which is in power in Rajasthan, and the Samajwadi Party, which rules Uttar Pradesh, of failing to protect Muslims. ‘Muslims were at the receiving end during the riots at Muzaffarnagar in UP and Gopalgarh in Rajasthan. The respective governments failed to read the communal undercurrents and act,’ Madani added.

However, Madani on Tuesday clarified on his remarks, saying he was misquoted. ‘Want to tell all regional political parties that do politics to ask for votes but don’t do negative politics,’ Madani said, adding, ‘To ask for vote showing someone’s fear is a different thing, political parties should ask for vote on positive basis not negative.’

When asked if endorses Narendra Modi, the Jamiat leader replied, ‘Why do you want me to say this right now, there is time for elections.’
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