‘Congress engaged in self-acclamation’

Talking to reporters here ahead of canvassing in Jodhpur and adjoining districts, Singh said that Congress was to blame for the dismal economic status of the country.

Had the resources of the country been judiciously utilised in the years since independence, nothing could have prevented India from becoming an economic superpower, Singh claimed. Congress has ruled the nation for 55 years but still the party is stuck on issues like food security, he charged.

‘Fiscal and trade deficits are increasing, the value of the rupee is falling, manufacturing sector is in a dismal state. Engaged in self-acclamation, Congress is not looking at the increase in the number of poor and unemployed in the country,’ Singh said.

It is the faulty economic policies and corruption under Congress rule which can be held responsible for the present woes, he alleged.

Referring to a tremendous trust deficit in politics, Singh said BJP would do its best to restore the belief of the people in politicians.

Talking about Gujarat chief minister and the BJP prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, Singh said, ‘He represents the party and has been democratically projected as the party’s face.’
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