‘Cong wants to break the thick wall of poverty’

‘Of course India wants infrastructure like better roads, rail links and airports, but poor people also need our help and they should get the benefits and move forward,’ Rahul said at a poll meeting here, 10 km from Ajmer.

Taking a jibe at BJP, he said while Congress wants to help the poor by extending a supportive ‘hand’ (Congress election symbol), the saffron party wants to break the ‘wall (of poverty)’ by banging the head of the poor against it.

‘This is the major difference between us and them,’ he said. Seeking to strike an emotional chord with the downtrodden, Rahul said Congress understands the poor from the core of the heart.

He said there is the difference between Congress and BJP’s style of working and their outlook towards efforts needed to bring development and prosperity in the country.

Like Narendra Modi’s style of establishing a direct connect with the audience, Rahul asked the women whether what he was saying was right or wrong.

Amid applause, pat came the reply from the crowd, aap sahi hain (You are correct).
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