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Cong takes on Sushma, says her remarks on Sonia is ‘immature’

Congress on Friday dismissed as ‘very, very immature’ Sushma Swaraj's remarks on Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origin, saying the Congress chief can become Prime Minister ‘tomorrow if the party decides’ and she doesn’t need anybody else’s approval.

‘Definitely, if Sonia Gandhi is to become Prime Minister, she does not need approval of Sushma Swaraj. If Indian National Congress decides, Sonia Gandhi can take over as Prime Minister tomorrow, in 24 hours. That does not need anybody’s support, anybody’s okay’, Congress spokesman PC Chacko told reporters.

‘If she decides she can take Prime Ministership anyday. She had many, many opportunities before to become Prime Minister.... She was offered Prime Ministership on platter. She refused it. There is no parallel in history,’ Chacko added.

Noting that about three-four times since 1991 Gandhi was overwhelmingly asked by the party to take over the leadership, he debunked the logic that someone who is an MP and also Chairman of the National Advisory Committee could not become the PM.

Assailing the Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha, Chacko said, ‘senior and serious leaders should not make any such statements.’

Taking a veiled dig at the BJP leader, he recalled that someone had vowed to shave of her head if Gandhi to become the Prime Minister in 2004.
‘Parliament is giving all respect to Sonia Gandhi. There is no problem in dealing .....It is a very, very immature statement.’

The issue of Gandhi's foreign origin had cropped up yet again on Thursday with Swaraj saying she was still opposed to the idea of her becoming Prime Minister.

She also appeared to be unapologetic about the vow she had taken in May 2004 to shave off her hair if Gandhi became the Prime Minister.

"I have always maintained that Sonia Gandhi came to our country as daughter-in-law of Indira Gandhi and wife of Rajiv Gandhi and thus she is entitled to our love and affection. As the president of the Congress party she is entitled to our respect. But if she wants to become the Prime Minister then I say no," Swaraj said at a book launch here.
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