Cong-NCP dub MNS toll agitation as a ‘stunt’

Congress spokesman Sachin Sawant told reporters that the MNS ‘raasta roko’ was a ‘fiasco’.
‘Maharashtra’s toll policy was transparent compared to other states. Efforts should be made to make it more transparent. The MNS agitation is a fiasco as it has been organised with a sole rpt sole purpose of seeking votes,’ he said.

NCP spokesman Nawab Malik said the Raj Thackeray led party’s agitation was a mere ‘stunt’.
‘Raj withdrew his agitation after realising that he had no strength. Politics over toll is not doing his party any good,’ he added.

Ajit Sawant of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) charged that the MNS and Congress-NCP were hand-in-glove on the issue.

‘Agitation of MNS, detention of Raj Thackeray and politics over toll was just to divert attention from the misrule of the Congress-NCP government,’ he added. The Maharashtra BJP also endorsed AAP’s view.

State party spokesperson Madhav Bhandari said that both MNS and the state government were closely working together to stage this agitation and divert attention when debate on issues such as unemployment and development was taking place in the state.
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