Cocaine was my pudding: Stephen Fry

Actor Stephen Fry says he used to call cocaine ‘pudding’. The 58-year-old comedian, who used the drug on a regular basis during the 80s, said he did so only after taking it, reported Female First.

“I would call it, rather creepily, ‘pudding’, what you (Australians) would call a ‘sticky’ at the end of a meal. But I’m so glad it’s over. Ridiculous situation to be in and I’ve seen it’s done terrible harm to people,” Stephen said.

The “Wilde” actor also linked his addiction to depression. “You become hugely manic or you become terribly depressed, and you don’t know you have a disease. You just feel either ridiculously energised or appallingly low and suicidal,” he said. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies actor turned to drugs and alcohol, in an attempt to get over his problems.

“So you become dependent, or I became dependent on taking these mixtures of drugs and keeping an even keel. But of course it’s a false control because each down is a bigger crash and that results in a bigger up,” he said. 
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