Chris Pratt is a cotton candy in human form: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is working with Chris Pratt for the first time in sci-fi adventure romance Passengers and the actor says he co-star is like a “cotton candy”.

The 25-year-old “Hunger Games” actress said she was surprised by the energy the “Jurassic World” star had throughout the day, reported Entertainment Weekly.

“Pratt is a bag of gummie bears. He is cotton candy in human form. He’s always in a good mood! He always has energy.

The other day I got mad at him because he’s only positive.

“It was 4 am and we had been working for 15 hours straight. I walk into the studio and Pratt has his phone in the air and is playing music and dancing around. He’s so funny and nice. I think this movie is going to be awesome,” Lawrence said.

The Silver Linings Playbook star says the “perfect” script of the film tempted her and she could not resist but say yes to the project.

“The script is perfection. It was so good that I thought I can’t do this movie. It’s just too good,” she said.

The film is set on a spaceship travelling to a colony planet with thousands of cryogenically-sleeping people aboard when it suffers a malfunction that awakens a passenger (Pratt) 60 years too soon. Faced with the loneliness of being the only one conscious for decades, he wakes up Lawrence s character. “Passengers” directed by Morten Tyydum is scheduled for December, 2016 release.
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