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When I get a new friend, I would always spend a whole day looking up their birth chart, astrological implication. I don’t know how to quit.
Saarika, Pune
I think that what you should do is find a better way to spend your day differently. It will be hard at first but you have to learn self control and overcome the desire to do this. You’ll be much relieved when you can do it. Whenever you meet new people, just look into their personality or into something deeper that has nothing to do with astrology! What their birth chart says about them probably isn’t going to be accurate at all! Why be concerned about that if you could just get to know the person they are. Astrology is a faith and probably science too. But, you will feel burdened if you don’t change this habit NOW!

I’m 35 years old. The only daughter of my parents. My father expired five years back and my mom is too dependent on me. I don’t know how to initiate my own marriage!

Radha Shroff, Madhya Pradesh
Well, this is sad but the reality is you, yourself need to initiate the process of your marriage. If there’s no prospective groom, you surely can register for a reliable online matrimonial site or put newspaper ads.

Keep in mind that the man you choose is someone who will understand your situation and help you take care of your mother. I understand, this situation is definitely a bit depressing and demanding as well. You have to help yourself and look out for your ideal partner. All the best Radha!

My father is an alcoholic and causes major problem every night. My mom is terrified and I hate it. Please help!

Niharika, Noida
I understand how ugly this can be. Alcoholism is a disorder that need to get treated. I’m sure at one point of the day, he is sober. You should speak to him, try to tell him the pain you go through. Use all weapons possible - tears, swears, threats.. Convince him to consult a specialist and take him to a clean-up centre. If he ignores, your mom and you should relocate to a separate address and see if his isolation helps him to understand the pit. Handle this situation very carefully but firmly.

I have developed a crush towards my friends father. He’s too hot and a single parent. Should I approach her? I’m in college.

Name unknown.
Crush or infatuation is a temporary attraction which will get over with time. He is your friend’s father and I’m sure that if you do not let go of this feeling now, you will lose your friend in future. Just imagine, one of your friend fantasising about your parent! How does that feel? Change shoes and act/react in life. This will make life and its decisions easier. Too many hot, hotter younger and eligible men around. Explore. Play safe but don’t run after ‘uncles’ please!

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