Chemistry with Saif just happened: Deepika

Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone have been paired up romantically for the third time in Cocktail and the actress insists that the chemistry between them just happened and it’s vital to love stories.

‘I guess things like chemistry is between characters more than anything else. When we set out to do Love Aaj Kal, we did not plan that we are going to have this chemistry. It just happened,’ says Padukone.

She is working with Rajnikath for the first time in Kochadaiyaan, and admires the Tamil superstar’s child-like enthusiasm and never felt any pressure while working with him.

‘I might feel pressure before, but when I walk on the sets and the camera starts rolling, I switch off everything and play the character. That’s how I did
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as well,’ she said.

The actress is, however, impressed by the enthusiasm of the superstar. ‘He is a child in a candy shop. I have never seen an actor more excited than him on the sets. He comes on set like with full energy. He greets everyone and treats his daughter like a director. Even if the director has said the shot is okay, he wants to keep perfecting it all the time. He and Amitji [Amitabh Bachchan] are the two actors I have come across, who are so excited, you can see the passion in their eyes,’ she said.

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