Centre’s attitude callous, arrogant: Jayalalithaa

In a strongly worded letter to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the chief minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa on Monday said that her government was ‘frustrated and outraged by this callous and adamant attitude’ of the Centre ‘in persistently giving training to personnel belonging to the Sri Lankan Armed Forces in India’.

In a scathing attack on the central government, she added in the letter, ‘Tamils across the world feel that the sentiments of the Tamils have been trampled on by the Government of India not only by its inaction on this resolution, but also by continuing to give preferential treatment by way of providing technical training to defence personnel belonging to Sri Lanka.’

Reinstating the fact that her government had issued a press statement, after ‘nine personnel belonging to the Sri Lankan Air Force were undergoing technical training at the Air Force Station, Tambaram,’ she had condemned this action of the Centre and had requested that these Sri Lankan Air Force personnel should be sent back to Sri Lanka. ‘Instead of sending them back to Sri Lanka, the Government of India is now providing training to these personnel at the Yelahenka Air Force Station, Bengaluru,’ she added.

She mentioned, ‘Imparting training to personnel belonging to the Sri Lankan Armed Forces in Defence Training Institutions in India and allowing them to visit Tamil Nadu reveals the utter disrespect shown to the sentiments of the people of Tamil Nadu.’

Initially in this letter the chief minister clearly mentioned that the Tamil Nadu Assembly had passed a resolution in June 2011, urging the government to take up with the United Nations Organisation the issue of declaring those found guilty of war crimes as war criminals, and also to initiate action by working with other Nations for the imposition of an economic embargo on the Government of Sri Lanka till the Tamils who are now living in camps in Sri Lanka are resettled.’
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