Census data is misleading: BJP

Delhi BJP has alleged that the census data released by Delhi government is misleading and contrary to the data of its various departments released individually. The opposition has alleged that the data is not in coordination with other departments and is an attempt to fool people of Delhi.

'The data of census operations, shows that only 5 per cent people of Delhi depend for water of tankers whereas the data of Delhi Jal Board show that 20 per cent people of Delhi are not supplied piped water. These people depend on private sources and tankers,' said Vijender Gupta, president of Delhi BJP. 'This is a huge gap and shows the inefficiency of the government in providing services and also an attempt to fool people,' added Gupta.

According to the data, the government has not provided sewer connections to about 41 per cent houses of the capital. The sewer system provided in the city is also in bad shape. The conditions have become so bad that even in posh areas of New Delhi, the sewer overflows, which spreads foul smell, disease and filth. During the rainy season, the sewer water overflows on the roads. Lack of toilets in about 10.5 per cent houses of the capital of India is matter of shame for Delhi government.

Questions have been raised on the facilities of education and health in the capital because in west district only 24 school or college is available for every 10,000 houses. The same is the condition of health services. These services have not been provided according to the population of the area. Whatever facilities are there, these are not working properly. On the one hand people are craving for houses on rent but on the other 11 percent houses are vacant.

'The census is silent on the condition of Yamuna river, which is the lifeline of the capital because if the reality comes out then the people shall come in the streets protesting against the government. The same is true about incidents of crime, which are being committed in broad daylight in Delhi,' added Gupta.
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