Celebrities and cocaine make heady cocktail

What was he thinking! This is the first thought that comes to mind after reading about hotelier Vikram Chatwal being arrested in LA with heroin, cocaine, tons of pills and even some ketamine – used by vets to tranquilise horses. Everyone knows that celebs and drugs go together like rum and coke but what one fails to understand is why he had filled his underwear with pills and lined his jacket with cocaine before taking a flight. I mean, he could have easily scored from a local pusher. Either he was too doped out to comprehend what he was doing or he was banking on his celeb status to see him through the security checks.

Whatever his state of mind, what his arrest throws up is how brazen the high and mighty are about their passion for drugs – and how easily we forgive them their sins.

Yanchi Vadhera today is better known for owning the Cresent at the Qutub and being once married to socialite Ramona. He is the darling of the Page 3 and his photos at various fash frat parties are splashed all over. But when this century began, he was chased by another kind of media – the crime reporters. He was at the centre of a major drug bust by the Delhi police when he was caught with Afghan drug dealer Najibullah while in the process of buying some drugs.

Rahul Mahajan is the darling of reality television. You can see him goofing off on a celebrity dance show with two left feet. Several seemingly intelligent and beautiful women literally fought for his affections on a televised swayamvar which eventually led to his marriage. But few remember that when Pramod Mahajan’s political career was shot down by his brother, Rahul was being groomed to step into his shoes. Rahul, however, managed to end any political career he may have inherited when he and his father’s close confidant Vivek Moitra were caught in the eye of a cocaine storm. With his father’s ashes lying in the next room – Rahul and Vivek were to fly to Assam the next day to immerse the ashes in the Brahmputra – Rahul and Vivek invited Kashmiri supplier Sahil Zaroo to Pramod Mahajan’s Safdarjung Road house. The coke Sahil brought with him was adulterated with heroin. Rahul and Vivek had been chilling in the jacuzzi and guzzling champagne before they snorted the adulterated cocaine. While Rahul survived the deadly cocktail, Vivek died. Rahul spent time in prison but always claimed that it was the champagne that made him sick – blood reports notwithstanding.

Several Bollywood stars and Page 3 regulars have been detained or arrested in Dubai on drug possession charges – Vijay Raaz, DJ Aqeel, Bobby Chhabria (son of automobile designer Dilip Chhabria), Prasad Bidappa, Farhan Azmi (son of SP leader Abu Asim Azmi) – to name a few. Our own Fardeen Khan was arrested while trying to buy cocaine but was later given immunity from trial after undergoing a detox course at a city hospital. Sanju Baba at the centre of an altogether different controversy now, is well known for his battle with drugs as a youngster.
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