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CBI sanctioned to prosecute BEML chief

The clock has started ticking for suspended BEML chief VRS Natarajan after the Central Bureau of Investigation [CBI] has got the sanction to prosecute him. The agency believes Natarajan took favours from Vectra chief Ravi Rishi and is ready to file a charge sheet against him.

The CBI is ready to confront Natarajan with evidence showing that he got favours from Rishi during his tenure.

Natarajan had argued that after the split of Czechoslovakia into Czech Republic and Slovak Republic it was Rishi’s Tatra Sipox UK which became the original manufacturer for the Tatra trucks. But the CBI claims it has proof that the Czech-based firm Tatra continued to be the original manufacturer and in fact supplied 1500 trucks to UAE in the same period.

In 1996, UAE procured the advanced T816 Tatra trucks from the original manufacturer Tatra AS but even a year later BEML was still procuring the old version T 815. The CBI suspects that the truck was renamed as T815-6 to mislead the Army that a higher version had been supplied.
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