CBI asks people to be beware of fake officers

Taking note of recent instances of fraud, the CBI has warned people to beware of conmen posing as its officers and asking money to manage their complaints or cases.

‘Certain instances of some conmen or fraudsters posing as CBI officers or acquaintances of CBI officers and trying to extort money or favours from the general public or public servants have come to the notice of the Central Bureau of Investigation. Such imposters generally approach unsuspecting members of the public or public servants and offer to ‘settle complaints or cases’ in exchange for money or favours. They normally avoid showing any identity card,’ a recent advisory from the CBI said asking people to be vigilant.

The move comes at a time when the probe agency found that senior scientific officer of CFSL A R Arora, since arrested, was posing as its additional director and also conducting illegal searches for bribe.

The advisory said certain e-mails with a CBI logo and bearing names of senior CBI officers, are being sent to the public, claiming to validate foreign transactions such as fund transfers or overseas employment or payments made by purported international organisations in the form of lottery proceeds, bank transfers etc.

‘This is to alert the public that any demand of money or favours to settle complaints, made by person(s) claiming to be from CBI or claiming to have acquaintances with CBI officers, should not be entertained. Such persons should be viewed with suspicion and must be asked to show their identity proof.

It further said that CBI does not certify or validate any foreign remittance or transaction of funds. Any such e-mail or document is fraudulently generated, it said.
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