Caught in an adulterous romance

My father is probably having an affair. My mom is unaware. What should I do?
-Name unknown

It’s very hard to deal with a parent’s infidelity and relationship issues. Show your mom support and care, especially after an argument with your dad, but avoid telling her about the affair (unless she already knows). If you want to let your dad know how this situation is making you feel, tell him that you have something important to talk about and ask him for some time when he’s not stressed out or busy. It’s best to stay out of your parents’ personal relationship, but if you need someone to talk to, reach out to a trusted friend and family member. Good luck!

I’m 17 and ugly. I feel depressed. How can I overcome this?
-Sainaa, New Delhi

Feeling ugly damages our self-esteem leaving us feeling genuinely less happy and less capable. The reality is that you most probably aren’t ugly. First of all it’s time to change your thinking. If you feel ugly then no doubt you are probably focussing on a few key areas of your physical appearance that you aren’t happy with. Instead focus on what you like about yourself and what can be changed. One thing to remember is that no matter your physical features, there’s probably a look out there that will appeal to you and suit you, so make sure to experiment and to find it. Be confident and soar. 

I had been physical with my private tutor. He is married and is always keen to get close. I like him and don’t want to lose him but I feel guilty. Please advise.
- Name unknown

These relationships usually don’t have direction and end up painfully. If need be, change the tutor. However much you like him, but his marital status will always be a problem. Teachers are to be idolised and such incidents will affect your personal life and future. Don’t indulge in such guilty pleasures.

My best friend and I have fallen for the same girl. We all go to the same college. I don’t know what’s going to happen in future! Please help!
-Name unknown

Well, either you both will fall out of this ‘crush’ or anyone has to let go in near future. Another thing that has to be considered - what does the girl feel? Love will happen only when the two ‘click’. Be transparent in your friendship and don’t lose that for anything else!.
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