Campaigning in Dehradun, Kanchan Chaudhary bats for corruption-free India

Slogans such as ‘Modi teri bari hai, abhi to Sheila hari hai (Sheila has lost, and now it is the turn of Modi) and Hamara sansad kaisa ho, aam aadmi jaisa ho (Our MP should be ordinary man like us) were raised.

Despite the intense heat, children returning from school were seen making a beeline for party caps. Local public including students of various colleges, vegetable vendors, tea vendors and paan wallas looked excited to catch a glimpse of AAP candidate Kanchan.

Addressing the public at Kargi Chowk, the former DGP-turned-politician said, ‘Corruption at all levels is eating the roots of the nation and aam aadmi (common man) is the worst sufferer at the end.

During disaster the relief money could not reach the deserving candidates which made the situation worse for disaster-victims in the tragedy last year. Black money is going in foreign banks while the country is in debt. Now the country needs a corruption-free society, which only AAP can provide.’

Suleman, a cycle mechanic, expressed full faith in her winning capability despite tough competition from BJP and Congress candidates. ‘She is a far better candidate than her political rivals in honesty and leadership traits,’ he said.
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