Output feed of multi-system cable operators will be monitored: Govt

New Delhi: Government on Tuesday said it has decided to monitor the output feed of cable operators in a ''non-intrusive manner'' by installing a monitoring device at the head-end of multi-system operators (MSO).

In an advisory, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said monitoring devices will be installed at the head-end of the cable operators as per the provisions of the Cable TV Networks (Regulation) Act.

It cautioned that any non-cooperation will be viewed as a violation of sub-section 4 of Section 10A of the Act and violators may face action.

"Government has decided to monitor the output feed of MSOs in a non-intrusive manner," a government official said.

The advisory asked Cable operators to cooperate with officials or a team of Broacast Engineering Consultants India Limited (BECIL) visiting their premises for installation of monitoring devices on their head-end. It is also requested to furnish the requisite information regarding head-end locations, conditional access system details, transport stream, frequency detail, RF feed details, platform service details, CTAV signal distribution areas, STB seeding details etc required by BECIL officials/ team for monitoring system, the I&B Ministry advisory said.

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