Occurrences of counterfeiting, smuggling cases much more than reported: Ex-Special CP Delhi

NEW DELHI: Dr Muktesh Chander, Former Special Commissioner, Delhi Police on Friday said, "Actual occurrences of cases of counterfeiting and smuggling are much more than reported."

He further added that the increasing surveillance, creating public awareness and coordination amongst law enforcement agencies and stakeholders are vital to counter the problem of counterfeiting and smuggling effectively.

Speaking at the 'In Conversation Series' organized by FICCI CASCADE, Dr Chander discussed the scenario of counterfeiting and smuggling in India, need for greater cyber security & cyber hygiene and strengthening enforcement & investigation mechanism.

Anil Rajput, Chairman, FICCI CASCADE said, "In India, since lockdown, our enforcement agencies have raided and seized smuggled, spurious and counterfeit sanitizers, masks, PPE Kits, disinfectants, toiletries and cosmetics, electronic goods, cigarettes, packaged food, spices, alcohol and several other items across various states. They not only put a spoke in illicit trader's wheels but remained in an absolutely perfect state of alertness, thereby thwarting many attempts by them to spread their illegal, illicit, and sub-standard products."

Deep Chand, Former Special Commissioner, Delhi Police and Advisor, FICCI CASCADE said, "Counterfeiting and smuggling are serious crimes damaging the world economy while the common consumer faces health and safety issues and the genuine industry suffers a huge loss due to illicit products." He further emphasised that COVID-19 has provided opportunity to criminals to exploit the current situation to find new ways to make money. They are increasing and diversifying their activities through a wide range of crimes and scams which exploit the fear and uncertainty surrounding the virus.

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