Covid: Caring Minds hosts 'Health 360'

Kolkata: One of the most sought after names in the field of healthcare - Dr. Alok Roy (Chairman, Medica Group of Hospitals) - was in conversation with psychotherapist Minu Budhia (Founder - Caring Minds) & Preeyam Budhia (Head, New Initiatives - Caring Minds) during the webinar 'Health 360: Covid Care 2.0 – Doctor Speak'.

Dr. Roy answered a variety of questions on Covid-19 symptoms, treatment options, post-recovery healthcare, and vaccination. This webinar was presented in association with CC&FC and Concern for Calcutta. It was aired live on Zoom and the Facebook pages of Caring Minds and CC&FC and a video recording of the same is available on the Caring Minds Facebook page & YouTube channel for people who wish to watch it again.

Dr. Roy said, "For doctors, things were well defined till Covid-19 blindsided the healthcare community. For the first time, healthcare professionals were walking into treatments blind and we didn't know why someone recovered and why someone didn't. It is a one-sided war which we have been fighting in our hospitals and in our homes. I urge the community to help us win this war by staying home, wearing double masks, vaccinating, and being disciplined."

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