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BSE hikes annual fee for listed firms for FY18

Leading stock exchange BSE has hiked its annual fee for companies listed on its platform from the next fiscal beginning April 1.
BSE, which categorises the fees for the companies based on their respective listed capital, has also made changes to various slabs for such payments.

"The exchange has revised its annual listing fees (for 2017-18) to be paid by the listed entities for listing of its securities on the exchange," BSE said in a circular.

"The new annual listing fees would be effective from April 1, 2017," it added.

The bourse has introduced a new slab which provides for companies with capital over Rs 3,000 crore to pay an amount of Rs 10.20 lakh as annual listing fees. These firms would also have to pay an additional listing fees of Rs 3,910 for every increase of Rs 5 crore hike in capital.

Besides, BSE has put in a slab for companies with capital above Rs 2,000 crore to Rs 3,000 crore. These firms will have to shell out Rs 10 lakh as fees and an additional listing fees of Rs 4,270 for every Rs 5 crore.

Companies with listed capital above Rs 1,000 crore to Rs 2,000 crore would be charged Rs 9.90 lakh with an additional listing fees of Rs 3,930 for every increase of Rs 5 crore.

BSE had levied fees of Rs 8.06 lakh and additional fees of Rs 3,469 on firms with capital over Rs 1,000 crore for the current fiscal 2016-17.
Entities with capital worth over Rs 500 crore and up to Rs 1,000 crore will be charged Rs 6.05 lakh from April 1. This is more compared to Rs 4.87 lakh paid by firms for 2016-17.

Further, companies falling under this bracket would have to pay an additional fees of Rs 3,530 for every rise of Rs 5 crore in capital. This amount stood at Rs 3,188 for the current fiscal.

BSE has also raised the charges for companies with listed capital within the slab of Rs 400-500 crore to Rs 6 lakh, and for those falling between Rs 300-400 crore to Rs 4.5 lakh. For the current fiscal, the fee amount for these slabs stood at Rs 4.87 lakh and Rs 3.67 lakh respectively.

The new annual fee for companies with listed capital within Rs 200-300 crore has been fixed at Rs 3.75 lakh.
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