33rd Industrial India Trade Fair focuses on 'Vision of Industry in New Normal' on 2nd day

33rd Industrial India Trade Fair focuses on Vision of Industry in New Normal on 2nd day

Kolkata: The implications of COVID-19 on the Industry issignificant but the impact on some sectors are worst. We have heard from manufacturing sectors from across the globe, on how the pandemic has created new challenges. Every sector has been affected.

Finally, technology has helped us to navigate through the current situation and itwill play a stronger role than ever before as we plan a comeback and shape the new normal. Keeping the present scenario in mind, the topic of Industry Conclave in the 33rd Industrial India Trade Fair held at Rajarhat on Thursday was "Vision of the Industry in New


The Conclave had galaxy speakers from various industries. Ashim Prasad, Chief General Manager and OIC of Kolkata Zonal Office (Gail) India Limited, Rupak Barua, CEO, AMRI Hospital, Avishek Dalmiya, President, The Cricket Association of Bengal, Upaneeta Sen, Director, Altair Services Pvt. Ltd., Anindya Chatterjee, Stella Budiriganya, Ambassador, Republic of Burundi has spoken on the given topic in the Industry Conclave.

The Conclave was moderated by Eminent Journalist Gautam Bhattacharya. The President of the Chamber Dr. Arpan Mitra and Vice President Debashis Dutta was also present at the Industry Conclave.

The unprecedented incident has come as a shock to all the Industries. From Healthcare, Tourism, Sports to Film and Entertainment, everyone had to find their own way to combat the pandemic and get accustomed to the New Normal. Despite the pandemic, Ashim Prasad of GAIL has injected some positivity in the forum. During the interactive session of the Conclave he has mentioned, hopefully West Bengal and 14 Districts will be connected by the natural gas pipeline in next couple of years and things will start looking better.

Rupak Barua, CEO of AMRI has claimed that, despite being one of the worst victims of Covid and the Healthcare system being exposed, India is one of the best progressing country. The country has been the largest manufacturers of PPE Kit and India has started supplying kits to other neighbouring countries as well.

Rupak Barua said, "The Healthcare system was challenged by the pandemic and our infrastructure was exposed. There was no sufficient ventilators at some point of time. For Healthcare the expenditure was 1.28 per cent of GDP, whereas we have asked for minimum 2.5 to 3 per cent of the GDP. So there had been a major shortfall in the system. But finally things are looking better now."

Kolkata, being known as a sports loving city can also get pumped up by knowing that Eden Gardens might get to host an International match during September-October as claimed by The CAB President. Avishek Dalmiya said, "We are expecting to host an International Match in September-October. Hopefully the IPL will also take place. Domestic matches have already started in shorter formats. We were hoping to get a match of India-England series, but keeping the logistical thing in mind unfortunately it did not happen."

Upaneeta Sen, with almost a50-year background in Tourism Industry has spoken about how the whole focus is shifting to digital tourism. 'Sustainability in travel' is now the new mantra of the travellers. There is nothing called touch and feel at present- everything is a myth. Upaneeta Sen said, "Knowing Tourism being a hard hit industry, and now with situation getting back to normal gradually, the travel agents need to upgrade their knowledge and help travellers choose meaningful destinations keeping in mind the new restrictions."

Eminent singer and film personality Anindya Chatterjee has also discussed about the problems faced and the measures taken to combat. "The music artistes livelihood depends on the live concerts, which has completely stopped since the inception of the pandemic. We don't know when we can do shows abroad as well. The cloud of uncertainty is still revolving around the whole industry. Now in the new normal, the content will remain the same but the pattern of business will change." The singer has termed the lockdown days as "Panic Pain" The diversified conclave ended with few melodious lines from Anindya. The conclave was followed by Abu Saleh troupe's performance and finally a grand performance

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