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Buses most preferred mode of transport in India: NSSO

 Expenditure on air transport is negligible in rural areas while air transport accounts for 2.53 per cent of all transport expenditures in urban areas.

 Trams have been clubbed with buses in a single category in the report titled, 'Key Indicators of Household Expenditure on Services and Durable Goods' in the 2014-15 survey. "Bus/tram is the most reported means of transport both in rural and urban area.

 About 66 per cent households in rural areas and 62 per cent households in urban areas reported expenditure on this particular mode," the report said. 

According to the study, auto rickshaws are used by about 38 per cent rural households and about 47 per cent urban households. Taxi, railways and rickshaw are the other major modes of transport, both in rural and urban areas, as per the survey.

Expenditure on bus/tram, auto rickshaw, taxi and train constitute more than 90 per cent of the total expenditure on transport both in rural and urban areas. The report is based on information collected during July, 2014 to June 2015 as part of National Sample Survey, 72nd Round.

 The monthly per-capita expenditure on air transport was negligible in rural areas but air transport accounts for 2.53 per cent of all transport expenditures in urban areas. The expenditure share of railways contributes much higher proportion in urban areas (12.54 per cent) than that of rural areas (4.41 per cent).

 The survey was conducted in 7,969 villages and 6,048 urban blocks in the country. It covered 47,535 households in rural areas and 36,065 households in urban areas to understand their expenditure in 14 broad services.

These included domestic services, barber & beauty shops, TV & radio services, laundry, dry cleaning, etc., repair & maintenance, communication, religious services, recreational & cultural services, cremation-related services, business services, services incidental to transport, tailoring services and sewage disposal & sanitation.

As per the study in cities as well as villages, about 90 per cent or more households reported expenditure on barber & beauty shops and communication services. In rural areas, communication services accounted for the highest share of expenditure (25.33 per cent) followed by barber & beauty shops (11.07 per cent), TV & radio services (10.58 per cent), repair & maintenance (10.27 per cent) and tailoring services (10.18 per cent). 
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