Brown bear spotted at Gangotri National Park

On 28 May, when officials of Gangotri National Park in Uttarakashi district in Uttarakhand were on patrolling duty, they spotted a big animal near the Gaumukh trek route. The patrolling team was curious to know what it was, and captured its image in still camera. They were familiar with the common black bear, but this was a rare instance when they could watch a big brown bear from close quarter. 

Later, when wildlife experts confirmed it to be a brown bear, the joy of the park authorities knew no bounds. 

The Gangotri Park is in the limelight after the news spread. Now, the authorities are searching for a musked deer in the 2390.02 sq. km. area. GN Yadav, deputy director of the park, said: ‘The purpose of maintaining such a park is fulfilled when we hear of rare species like snow leopard and brown bear moving freely. The park is home to several endangered species. The presence of musked deer in the park can’t be ruled out.’

He added, ‘Brown bear is a high-altitude animal. Only in rare cases do we get to see one. These bears go on hibernation during winter months. Now that the snow is melting due to extreme heat, they have come out from their den.’ 
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