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BRAHMOS - A Making IAF formidable

With one of the mightiest air forces at its command, India has been reckoned as a leading military power in the world. Indian Air Force, the fourth largest air power, has strongly guarded the national airspace and protected the country's sovereignty with great diligence and the highest integrity.
The swiftly evolving geostrategic landscape at the regional and global sphere has brought in innumerable security challenges for India in recent times.These challenges have made it imperative for the Indian Air Force to transform itself into a transoceanic force, to not only defend India's territorial integrity, but also to maintain the crucial balance of power in the Asian continent.
While maintaining a distinctive fleet of air platforms along with highly skilled war fighters, the IAF has also embarked on a modernisation drive to prepare itself for a possible war-scenario in the future. In such a crucial time, the evolution of the BRAHMOS supersonic cruise missile, as a formidable tactical weapon, has provided a much-needed boost to the Indian Armed Forces and augmented their warfighting capabilities.
The IAF is now inching closer to deploying the powerful BRAHMOS in its air-to-ground configuration. The unbeatable cruise missile, which has guarded India's frontline strategic positions with the Army and Navy for many years, now, promises to galvanize the IAF's firepower potential and bring in a paradigm shift in its air warfare capabilities.
BRAHMOS-A, a first-of-its-kind weapon in the world to power a long-range supersonic strike fighter, is successfully advancing in its test trial programme and promises to weaponise India's frontline Su-30MKI fighter in the near future. Weighing 2.5 ton, BRAHMOS is the heaviest weapon system to arm the Su-30MKI fighter. With its supersonic speed, large warhead and high precision, the missile deployed by the long-range, super-manoeuvrable Sukhoi-30 fighter will rain fire and fury from the sky, to devastate vital enemy positions in the sea or on ground.
No other air force in the world has ever been equipped with such a powerful cruise missile system like the BRAHMOS. Once we successfully achieve the BRAHMOS-A programme, it will be an incredible feat and a historic milestone in the international missile technology domain.

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