Brad Pitt splurges 250,000 pounds on motorbike

Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt has splashed out 250,000 pounds on a World War Two Nazi motorbike.
Pitt, 51, bought the bike from a collector at <g data-gr-id="19">auction</g>, reported Female First.

The star, who became obsessed with wartime relics after starring in Fury, has splurged on a 1942 three-wheeled vehicle that was used by a German reconnaissance unit and was used to travel across mountains and across deserts in Crete.

The bike was sold by Nazis in 1945 at a local auction and later ended up in the hands of an Athenian bike collector named Yannis, who is now selling the “collectors piece” to the Hollywood hunk.

“There are only around 500 of these bikes worldwide so they are collectors pieces like paintings and go up in value all the time. It’s a way for wealthy people to invest their money and also enjoy their hobby,” Yannis said.

“Even the parts are expensive if they are original. I had to replace a small piece of metal on this bike and it cost me 1500 pounds.” 

It is not the first time the Fight Club actor has purchased pricey rides; he already owns around 10 different bikes. 
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