"Queens of Crime" | Danger knows no gender

Based on painstaking research, raw, violent and seemingly unbelievable but true rendition of India’s women criminals, the book demonstrates a haunting criminal power that most people do not associate women with; elaborates Meghna Khanna

Price:   299 |  24 Aug 2019 1:40 PM GMT  |  Meghna Khanna

Danger knows no gender

Often women in India and even around the globe are perceived as ‘soft, gentle and nurturing’ human beings. And, most importantly, they have no links with crimes as such. This book is a collection of 10 short stories based on real life women criminals. One doesn’t have to be behind the murder weapon to be a criminal. Often the partners of such murders become equally responsible by being a silent spectator. Women have always been the victim. These 10 stories prove otherwise.

Recently, like many other norms and stereotypes attached to them, women have crossed all the lines – making their name in the world in sports, education, etc. Also, if you are a follower of news, you might have come across many incidents on different channels showing women as criminals – describing their intention, what they did, how they did and much more.

Coming a long way, explaining such instances in Bollywood films like ‘Looteri Dulhan’, India has become a little open-minded in accepting this new version of females.

And, following this new era of feminism, and breaking the stereotypes attached to femininity, and exposing the ‘grey’ area of the gender - Sushant Singh and Kulpreet Yadav have made a combined effort of reflecting on various women criminals of India. Appropriately titled ‘Queens of Crime’, the book demonstrates a haunting criminal power that most people do not associate women with.

Based on painstaking research, this book has a set of stories - raw, violent and seemingly unbelievable but true rendition of India’s women criminals. Instances from online dating murders, baby killers, telling a story of a drug dealer, a women who committed three murders, many more – this book will keep you engaged.

Dysfunctional families, sexual abuse, sheer greed and sometimes just a skewed moral compass – the book recites all kinds of helplessness, thrill, and all of what such women face when they make these crimes happen.

Kulpreet - A bestselling author and motivational speaker, retired voluntarily from the armed forces to pursue a career in writing in 2014, and Sushant – the author making his debut, who is a film and television actor, Sushant Singh hosted the crime-based reality show Savdhaan India for almost seven years – attempt to take you on a thrilling journey of such women across the country and tell each one of the stories in detail.

The writers with their selection of stories and words make sure that the acts of depravity described in this book jolt you to the core, ensuring you have sleepless nights for months.

Queens of Crime is a true account of women criminals from India. Although, it is a non fiction book but each and every case has been narrated in such a manner that you’ll feel as if you are reading a crime fiction novel loaded on steroids. The best part is that the language used in the book is so simple that any layman who has never read a novel can read and relish it. After reading this book, you shall realize that sometimes truth is more thrilling, scary and fascinating than the wildest imagination a writer can conceive. Strongly recommended for lovers of crime fiction!

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