"Is a journey that will change your life" | Meandering through life's many meanings

The book is a philosophical retrospection on the practicality of living, experiencing and fulfilling innate desires, discusses Madhupriti Mitra.

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Meandering through lifes many meanings

In life, being overburdened with responsibilities and duties, we are often stuck at crossroads while choosing between the voice of the mind and the desires of the heart – especially when it comes to decisionmaking. In the end, we are left with nothing but claustrophobic illusions and endless confusions. Sandeep Amar, who is a leader in India’s digital space, has penned this deeply introspective book called, Is a journey that will change your life, to resolve several concepts pertinent to modern life. 

The novel is a collection of 12 stimulating chapters detailing the core concepts of life. The book has covered topics like awareness, God, experience, purpose, money and love in life. The novel’s uniqueness is in its multi-dimensionality, as the readers have to connect their imagination and thoughts with the chapters to understand the true purpose and meaning hidden within each story. The thoughts and expressions are unique, personal and universal – in their own way, each individual ought to have experienced the emotions expressed in the author’s words.

The author, narrating about love and the dear beloved in one of the chapters, says that love is beyond the paradigms of science and rationality – it just happens between the lover and the beloved – an experience that is specific yet pervasive through humanity. The chapter traces how love has no reciprocation; it has, only, in its element, unadulterated gratitude. As difficult as it may be, the author deeply describes what underlies the feeling of love. The only purpose of love is to make your beloved loved and happy. All you receive in return is gratitude and corresponding fulfilment.

The author sheds light on events and phenomenon which every individual ought to have experienced through different paths of life. Moreover, each chapter in the book carries a refreshing anecdote that is a summary at the end of each chapter, driven by reflections of the previous chapters.

The novel further describes that the consistency of suffering and fear remain unparalleled throughout the journey of life and there is a need to retrospect and find out a reason behind the downfall in mental calm as most people avoid their pain in terms of accepting hope. Despair is easier but positivity is more important.

Further, the novel traces experiences in knowing an individual by breaking prevalent stereotypes. It explains why it is important to drop the stereotypes and peek within your consciousness with your actions and thought processes. The more you understand the purpose of your actions and decisions, the more you will get to know about yourself.

"It is important to note that language is limited in terms of expression. It is difficult to express experiences in language," said Sandeep Amar. It is a must read for those who want to visualise and retrospect upon the logical train of thought between the events and mishaps occurring in every individual's life. And, for those who are looking for conceptual clarity, this book will give you direction in life, upon which, you must ultimately act.

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