"Awakening in Womb" | The Blueprint of Love

Kavya Dubey encapsulates a discourse on the quintessential spirituality of birthing a child

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The Blueprint of Love

Our very existence is a manifestation of energy in a certain form. At the quantum level, all quantities are the same. What we can prove (or disprove) is science. What we cannot prove just yet has a marked spiritual aspect. Such is spirituality, the accomplishment and aspiration of science.

Awakening in Womb is a book that may at first seem amiss to be authored by an established obstetrician with credible years of experience behind her; but Dr. Monika Singh’s narration of pertinent stories nudges us to look beyond the landmarks of established science and delve into the realm of the sprit that a woman welcomes, houses, and, later, seeks to nurture. The intent of this elaborate discourse is to reach out to parents-to-be, couples with fertility issues, expecting mothers, parents of newborns, and those who guide couples through pregnancies. The inner-guided content of this book is duly supported by relevant research. This book is the result of a spiritual journey of a doctor into understanding the truths of conception, birth and motherhood. 

 Among the several medical professionals that have commented on Dr. Monika’s work, one Consultant observes that he saw unexplained events happening that his medical intellect just could not register; but upon reading this book, the pieces came to fit in place, beautifully unfolding the mystery of awakening. Divided categorically in four parts, this book begins with the revelation that any conception is a cosmic conception. The Cosmic Conception is a meticulously detailed part followed by the period of each of the three trimesters: the understanding of the physical to physiological to not-so-physical aspects of the body. The embodiment of the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual, and their inter-connectedness and comprehension beyond the medicinal and clinical level is crucial to understanding the part of conscious birthing that can significantly affect the future of a newborn.

The increasing popularity of elective caesarean births to dodge the pain of normal childbirth is a serious matter that must be addressed, as it can profoundly affect the child’s future development. The emotional aspect of birthing serves as a constant reminder of certain values that are most integral to motherhood. Ultimately, it is conscious parenting that lends greater meaning to this entire journey. A consciously programmed subconscious mind of the unborn will lead to the formation of serving beliefs and truths of the life of the unborn.

The emphasis on the profound and unmistakable spiritual aspect of conception, pregnancy and the quintessential spirituality of birthing a child seeks to bring to light that the incoming soul helps the mother reach out to her maximum potentials, to unconditional love, and to caution and protection. The unborn child is a medium for any woman to undergo this very spiritual, energetic, and cosmic transformation.

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