"Acupressure and Magnetotherapy" | Practice alternate medicine

Price:   495 |  10 March 2018 2:49 PM GMT  |  Narendra Kumar

Practice alternate medicine

Acupressure and Magnetotherapy are two alternative systems of medicine which are drugless, noninvasive and present no side-effects if practised efficiently. They complement each other perfectly and can be used together simultaneously for better results. These therapies are effective for both healing and preventing ailments. This self-help book is a guide to good health and wellness that can be achieved by undergoing these therapies. 

These alternate systems require one to follow the laws of nature, irrespective of one’s career profile, routine or even working hours. The book provides both an introduction to acupressure and magnetotherapy as well advice on: a) proper breathing (b) balanced diet (c) proper sleep (d) regular elimination (f) adequate exercise (g) laughter for coping with stress. Since the body is a complete unit, the holistic approach is greatly emphasised.

The therapies rely on the knowledge gained from ancient scriptures. They depend immensely on balancing the endocrine glands (also known as chakras in other systems). The prevention of ailments is primary. For this, the use of magnets and magnetic healing water can hardly be overemphasised enough. Further, applying regular pressure on master points, as prescribed in the therapy, helps ward off over 100 ailments. Pressing the points on the face enables one to know the state of the digestive system and also has anti-ageing effects. Regularly pressing the finger points also helps ward off several ailments. Most of these actions do not take more than a couple of minutes each. Not all need to be practised together. Healing is literally at your fingertips.

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