The book motivates readers to engage with themselves by unravelling their inner demons and embracing their individual nuances, writes Uma Nair.

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Suzy Singh uses pragmatic postulates of karmic healing as an instrument to create a self awareness of the storm within in her book 7 Karma Codes that was launched a few months ago at an august gathering at the India International Centre.

Suzy Singh is a Transpersonal Therapist, Karma Coach, Relationship Counsellor, Healer and Spiritual Teacher. She has extensive clinical experience in multi-disciplinary approaches to vibrational healing and energy medicine. Her area of specialisation and continuing research involves understanding and decoding the subconscious mind and the interconnected nature of consciousness.

Her spiritual inclinations emerged from a very early stage of her life. Yet, in a quest for achieving materialistic success, she worked for many years in the world of advertising. But in the year 1998, she left her job and her materialistic successes because she felt the need to listen to her inner voice in order to find her soul’s core purpose. Deconstructing and healing the human psyche became her calling. This led to her specialisation and clinical work in the area of the sub-conscious mind.

7 Karmic Codes is about unravelling the demons that drive us to actions of sheer extremes. It examines our relationships as much as it examines the need to create a matrix of harmony within the web of our own dictates. This book is a verbose dialogue that references examples of struggle, challenges in our inner and outer worlds as well as the aftermath of negative emotions, stress, exhaustion and loneliness.

“When I began writing, I wanted to condense a series of startling insights into the hidden truths of temporal relationships as well as contemplate on the reality of why things happen and what you can do to transform your relationship with yourself and others,” says Suzy Singh. The book reads like an encylopaedia of thought provoking insights, easy to-do techniques, diagrams and real life examples.

“I was looking at putting together a series of thoughts and insights that would act as a guide for individuals who want to contemplate and reflect upon the turbulent sea of distressing emotions and complex questions that they face in their lives,” shares Suzy. According to Suzy, the karmic indices that we create are created within the paradigms of our own lives – it spans our careers, personal relationships, the search for self-esteem or the relationship with God.

As a reader, this book is meant to be enjoyed, it is meant to be a companion that extols you to look within and find dialogues of satiety and contentment even as it acts as a pilgrim that guides you on the path to retribution, redemption and reconciliation in a world torn by war and anger and viciousness. Now available on Kindle, 7 Karma Codes is a quest for alternative answers, it is a prism that embraces mankind’s unending quest for a sense of purpose, true selfless love, a harmonic balance, a quiet peace, fulfilling joy and contentment in the acceptance of life with all its many variations and shades of grey.

The 7 Karma Codes contains discussions and secrets that can emanate us to embrace the wisdom of these codes. There are some chapters that you will want to read again depending on your search – but the beauty of the second reading is that it shifts your consciousness from confusion to clarity, it makes you understand why you need to move from the position of victimhood to power, and how in our own lives we have to create karmic echoes that move us constantly from avenues of darkness to the divinity of light. Suzy, in an unconscious handling of examples, teaches us how to heal our wounds and reduce our karmic burdens, because our destiny is about a mystic deepening.

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