"The Outraged Times Of Strife" | Conservative & liberal factions

Moving across the streets of two cities, the author speaks of the raging ideological wars and the wounded humanity at the heart of it all; writes Madhupriti Mitra

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Conservative & liberal factions

Either we agree or not, we have to accept the radical facts of the reality but often it entrusts us with deep anguish. Aditya Sudarshan in his new novel has penned down the blooming strifes of young revolutionaries. The Outraged Times Of Strife is set in Mumbai and Delhi, entailing the lifestyles of millennials who hold different opinions. The author tried to keep a subtle approach to each story. Every protagonist in the chapters are connected but stands apart in terms of personalities.

The novel opens with the two girls at the beach debating over practicalities and faith over pursuing the goal of spiritual mastery. Shonar, a devotee of famous godman, equally believes in religious thoughts as well as in secularism. On the other hand, the to-be-devotee Maithali, believes only in practical aspects of life and has a little religious inclination part but somehow she holds a subtle regret of admitting it. The author talks about the raging ideological war of modern times and diminishing humanity among most of the people which raises the obstacles in one’s life.

The book further analyses the reflective behaviour of Sasha who usually spends his days thinking about his friends with a compulsiveness that alternatively energised and drained him. But one day his maid made him distracted with her

spiritual yet little weird talks. The author finds him analogous in the story, “His feelings, I think, were analogous to those of an author who, in the midst of writing a book, broods over the gate of his or her characters. Sasha took little aesthetic interest in any of us.”

The chapter of Sasha continues with little Elena, who is lost in a city of dreams in search of glory. The book describes the difference between determination and desperation in the quest of achieving something. It also talks about how an innocent girl’s journey of making a career in films turns into a nightmare.

Initially, the stories covers the highs and lows of individuals before stepping into a new world of professionalism. The interesting part in this book is that unlike every story, it doesn’t end. Instead, a series of tales carries forward the intensity of the character to the further chapters.

It has also highlighted the pros and cons of decision making. The novel traces a little girl’s journey in a big city before stepping into the glamour world. In the meantime, the auteur film-maker-turned-cultural messiah, Ahishor Frances, shared his liberal ideas to dismantle traditional thoughts. Unsparing even of his own family, Ahishor labels the sexual harassers, the domestic tyrants and the secret casteist among us, to the delight of his followers, the chagrin of his victims and the amusement of certain others. But his dream of releasing a documentary about Indian godmen has turned into an ordeal after goons attacked him.

Each character in the novel varies in terms of perspectives, ambition and experiences different circumstances. This book is worth reading for those willing to explore various school of thoughts.

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