Bollywood needs more writers, says Paresh Rawal

Actor Paresh Rawal feels there is a huge dearth to writers in the Hindi film industry.

‘There is a huge dearth of writers in Bollywood but one good thing is that at least we have stopped stealing films from Hollywood,’ said Paresh.

‘After many cases now we have started working a bit in writing, earlier many of them used to get the DVDs and say we want to do this film and at least that has changed. Many good writers are coming.

Things are going to change but again it’s a virtue out of helplessness,’ he added. However, the veteran actor is all praise for new actors.

‘The new breed of actors is very hard working and very knowledgeable. They know what they are doing. Rajeev Khandelwal and Ranbir Kapoor, I think, are terrific,’ the 62-year-old said.

Paresh is gearing up for the release of his new film Table No 21 that features Rajeev Khandelwal and Tena Desae. It is due to release 4 January.      
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