Bollywood mourns for Peshawar attack victims

Here’s what the stars shared about the act on digital platforms: Amitabh Bachchan: When innocence is silenced...There can be just silence. Shah Rukh Khan: The soul is healed by being with children. Extreme anger and disgust for all those who took our children, our future, our healers away.

Shekhar Kapur: Killings of innocent children is not justified in any religion or culture. It’s an act by depraved desperate and Godless men #PeshawarAttack Anupam Kher: Today the world is so sad. Those children deserved a long and happy life. #SAD

Shahid Kapoor: Black day. Innocence lost. Where is humanity heading. No religion no God could ever want this. Peshawar. Prayers. Shock. Anushka Sharma: This is the cruellest most inhuman cowardice act. It pains me so much. Prayers and strength with the families of the innocent kids killed.Sonu Nigam: Morning. New agendas. New dreams. World moves on. How sad. But 4 sm, world ended yesterday. Now they shall live with d corpse of their life.

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