Bobby blames Barack for being incompetent

Louisiana’s Indian-American governor Bobby Jindal has trashed Barack Obama, saying the US President was the ‘most liberal and incompetent president since Jimmy Carter’.

Speaking at a fund-raising lunch for Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney in Baton Rouge, capital of Louisiana on Monday, Jindal attacked Obama for running ‘an increasingly desperate and negative campaign.’ 

‘We have a president who hadn’t run anything before he was in the White House,’ Jindal said.

The governor later referred to Obama as the ‘most liberal and incompetent president since Jimmy Carter. No offense to Jimmy Carter,’ the
Greater New Orleans

Jindal said ‘Seems like every time you turn on the TV you hear another false, malicious attack. Despite the fact that independent fact checkers and the Washington Post and others have decried these attacks as false, they keep coming again and again. Why is that?’

‘It’s pretty simple. It’s because this president, President Obama, he cannot run on his record, he can’t run on his political philosophy so he has to attack and distort Gov Romney’s record,’ he was quoted as saying by ABC news. Jindal helped Romney raise USD 2 million amid speculation that he could be presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s running mate in the November poll. Romney made no direct mention of the Democratic attacks over his record at Bain Capital. But it was clear it was on the Republican nominee’s mind as he addressed a room of supporters.

‘I’m not going to apologise for being a successful businessman,’ he told donors. ‘Those that take risks sometimes succeed brilliantly; and that makes us a stronger economy.’ Obama team had last week raised questions about Romney’s connection to venture capital firm Bain Capital, accused of outsourcing jobs.


Mitt Romney defied mounting pressure from President Barack Obama and even some Republicans to release more tax returns, as the White House battle grows increasingly acrimonious.

Romney on Monday lashed out at the Obama team’s ‘dishonest’ attacks on his business record, but the president again questioned his rival’s credentials and Democrats repeated charges that the Republican flag-bearer may have committed a felony over his Bain Capital disclosures.

The sparring and persistent personal nature of the attacks has ramped up dramatically in the past week as both campaigns brace for a steamy summer of political punch and counterpunch.

The focus has veered between Romney’s time running Bain Capital and his tax records, with the presumptive nominee standing firm even as some in his own party advise him to release more information.

‘We’re going to put out two years of tax returns,’ Romney told the Fox & Friends program, referring to the 2010 return he has already released and the full 2011 return he has vowed to release before the November 6 election. He pointed to 2008 Republican nominee John McCain, who released two years of returns, and 2004 Democratic nominee John Kerry, whose wealthy wife ‘never released her tax returns’. ‘Somehow this wasn’t an issue,’ he added.

The White House argues that Romney’s lack of transparency shows he has something to hide, and some leading Republicans are urging their candidate to act now before the issue overshadows his campaign.

‘He should release the tax returns on Wednesday. It’s crazy,’ iconic conservative commentator William Kristol said on Fox News Sunday.


US President Barack Obama will not concede industries of the 21st century to China, India or Europe, a top presidential aide has said as he defended the administration’s loan guarantee programme.

‘This President will not concede the industries of the 21st century to China, India, Europe and elsewhere,’ the White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, told reporters travelling with Obama to Ohio.

Opponents had been attacking Obama, highlighting reports of top donors landing plum administration posts and securing government aid. They cite at the top of that list the Department of Energy loan guarantees that went to alternative energy companies.

Carney said the investments made in the Recovery Act have already helped renewable energy production double in the United States.

‘They have helped created tens of thousands of jobs in the United States. They have helped build a foundation for competition in vital industries in the 21st century, for competition that will allow for the creation of American jobs in the United States,’ he said.

‘The alternative is to cede those industries to other countries, because the 21st century will be very much focused on the development of clean energy technologies and the utilisation of the clean energy technologies,’ he argued.

‘So you have a choice. You either make the investments to ensure that those jobs are created in the United States, or you don’t. If you don’t, you decide that you’re going to be importing not just foreign oil but foreign clean energy technologies. This President will not do that,’ Carney said.

The statement came after the World Trade Organization announced a major victory for the US in a trade dispute with China.

Obama, Carney said, feels very strongly that taking action to ensure that American companies and American workers are able to compete on a level playing field with China and other countries is something that resonates across the country with Americans.
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