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BMS opposes govt stand on labour issues at ILO

“BMS strictly condemn the stand of Indian government presented by Labour Secretary in ILC, Geneva in the first two weeks of June on non-inclusion of labour provisions in trade negotiations,” the trade union said in a statement.

Government also declined bringing in any International Labour Organisation (ILO) standards on workforce in supply chain, it added. Indian government got support of only Bangladesh out of 187 countries present there. In spite of India’s opposition, the report was passed without necessitating votes, it said.

“We disagree on this attitude of considering inclusion of labour issues as a barrier to prospects of growth and development. Today, trade and employment are inseparable and social impact of these trade agreements cannot be ignored.

Also, we shall not invite FDI claiming India has cheap labour,” it added. In India, where economy is undergoing a major shift from agriculture to other sectors, the role and importance of employment, “especially decent employment” cannot be ignored, Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh said. 

Globalisation is impacting the world of work profoundly, it said, adding that government should contribute through social and economic policy to realisation of ILO declaration on ‘Social justice for Fair Globalisation’.

This is based on the promotion of mutually interdependent objectives of decent work agenda -- employment, social protection, social dialogue and tripartism and fundamental principles and rights at work with gender equality and non-discrimination as cross cutting issue, it added.

Decent work in global supply chains should also be given absolute priority by strengthening labour inspection system and administration, BMS said. 

“We also insist the government to take initiatives for implementing ILO recommendation 1944, No 71 promoting the role of employment as well as decent work in building resilience in societies and economies with respect to serious disruptions arising due to natural or man made causes,” it demanded. 

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