Bloom throws a punch at Bieber

Sources at the scene said that Orlando ‘instigated’ the incident after being annoyed when he saw Justin, who asked him: ‘What’s up bitch?’

Eyewitnesses say Orlando then swung for, but missed, Justin outside Cipriani restaurant.

Sources told The Mirror: ‘Within seconds people intervened. There was some minor pushing and shoving between their entourages. They were eventually separated and Justin, who was being cordial, stayed for a while longer outside the restaurant without incident.’

It’s been widely suggested that the incident arose as a result of rumours that Orlando’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr went on a date with Justin while they were still married.

It was reported that Miranda and Justin went on a date in 2012 after meeting at a Victoria’s Secret show.

Justin added fuel to these rumours when, shortly after the incident with Orlando, he posted an image of Miranda on Instagram. And now it seems that Justin is continuing to taunt Orlando by posting the picture of the actor who is seen crying at the opening of Romeo & Juliet.

But the Canadian star, 20, was clearly worried about acknowledging his feud with the 37-year-old actor on his social media site, as he deleted the image shortly after posting it before sharing it again approximately 20 minutes, reports

The Hobbit  star attempted to punch the singer at the upmarket eatery Cipriani after Bieber reportedly told him, ‘Say hi to Miranda for me’.
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